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Creative professionals are natural change-makers, yet many struggle to make change happen in their own lives. Especially during times of transition, when we may be assuming leadership of people not just processes, it’s time to learn new ways of interacting with the world. 

 Creative leaders face
challenges that include:

Being an influential voice at the table.

Engaging with creative friction and conflict.

Giving and receiving feedback and critique.

Managing the fear of “not knowing”

Promoting oneself with confidence.

Making effective decisions that
drive progress and change.

Empowered leaders, positioned for growth.

Creative professionals have the innate skills required to be visionary leaders. But how do you fully unlock that potential? With effective coaching, you can transform your way of communicating, collaborating, and innovating; You can transform how you lead others and how you lead yourself.

  • Identify values, strengths and passions
  • Develop meaningful goals and a true sense  of purpose
  • Experiment with new ways of working
  • Learn how to explore different perspectives
  • Transition into the unknown with courage

Laura Weiss, Principal

Laura Weiss, MBA, CPCC, ACC, partners with her clients to expand their influence and make an impact as they pursue meaningful transitions within their professional lives.

A design-leader with decades of experience as a consultant and coach for creative professionals, Laura believes everyone has the capacity to lead. She guides clients through a collaborative process to embrace their strengths and gain the confidence to succeed as authentically and with clear direction and vision.

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Laura works with individual design leaders, co-directors, and leadership teams who have the passion to envision and deliver an improved future.

  • Strengths-based strategies for self-awareness and leading oneself.
  • Techniques for building trust-based relationships and leading others.
  • Skills for creating alignment and leading innovation.

A creative approach to exploring what’s possible.

Connect with Laura

Schedule a complimentary consultation to experience coaching and to discuss your needs. Consultations can include a sample session for individuals or a discovery call for organizations.

Build a customized plan

Plans are created to address specific client needs. Services include 1:1 coaching, team coaching, and workshop engagements.

Lead with clarity and confidence

Move closer to your goals with a greater sense of purpose and the ability to take action. Feel empowered to take on new challenges by pairing your own strengths with new tools.

"We created a practice of questioning how I was perceiving interactions. I realized that so much of what has held me back is having fears around not working fast enough or not knowing enough - but when I began to let those fears go, I could open up more to creating confidence in myself and creating more space in my head to be more creative and have the kinds of relationships I wanted to have with others.”

Senior Product Designer, Salesforce

"Throughout the day, you sparked imaginations, invited critical comment and critique, and provided a platform for engagement. Your personal commitment to this process and to the power of design to solve some of California’s significant challenges inspired us all to think differently and envision a preferred future.”

Executive Director, AIA California

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Design Diplomacy offers 1:1 coaching programs for creative leaders to help them grow within their existing role or to prepare for the next step in their professional life. Receive coaching that is grounded in the Co-Active model of individual leadership. Learn more …


Design Diplomacy works with organizations to nurture the leadership potential of in-house talent. Enable leaders and teams to leverage their innate abilities through coaching and workshops that builds skills alignment for sustainable growth. Learn more …

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If you’re wondering "what's next?" in your life, listen to Laura's interview on the Mixed Methods Podcast. Find out more about Laura's own journey, and learn how coaching can help you harness your creative talent and unlock your potential to grow with power and purpose.

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