Partner Coaching and Peer Coaching Alliances

Nurture your creative talent.

In todays’ rapidly changing world all creative leaders must make a shift from what they feel ready to do to what they are called to do. Develop the next generation of leaders from within your own organization through engagements that thoughtfully blend coaching, mediation, facilitation, neuroscience, and system thinking in support of meeting your organizational goals

Co-Director and Partner Coaching

For creative partners, start-up founders, or small leadership teams who seek to transform the way they collaborate. Custom engagements typically integrate coaching with interactive workshops over a 1-3 month time frame or longer.
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Peer Coaching Alliances

Peer coaching harnesses the talents of colleagues and collaborators to support each other at scale. A one-month Core Curriculum establishes a baseline understanding of the art and language of coaching and can be followed by a 3-month Coaching Circles program to deepen skills through real-time feedback.
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Co-Director and Partner Coaching


Explore the Individual

Acknowledging the unique individuals that comprise a partnership or a team is the first step to forming a relationship that is built on trust, respect, commitment, and mutual accountability.

Engage the Team

High performing teams have a shared vision, clear roles & responsibilities, and alignment on how success will be measured. The team is more than just a group of individuals; the team is an entity unto itself!

Serve the Organization

Effective teaming requires attunement to the needs of the larger organization or outside stakeholders they serve. This cross- boundary perspective informs decision-making and enables the team to consistently deliver results.

Peer Coaching Alliances

Learn Essential Skills

A three-session Core Curriculum establishes a baseline understanding of the art and language of coaching by clarifying what coaching is and what it is not. Participants are organized into coaching triads to provide a felt experience of coaching and an understanding of how it differs from other helping services such as mentoring, training, and advising or consulting.

Deepen the Practice

As a continuation of the Core Curriculum, a set of six Coaching Circle sessions enables the triads to continue to come together and share their progress and their challenges with the support of a Facilitator-Coach. These Circles are a safe place to promote ongoing learning through continued practice, reflection, and dialogue.


“Laura helped me see change can be undertake incrementally as a transition and instead of a pivot. This seemingly obvious mindset helps alleviate insecurities and feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of making a work/life change. After our sessions with Laura, I gave myself “permission” to explore a new direction in ways that do not threaten my current situation and may allow for a blending of the old and new paths that I had not considered.

Practice Co-Director, California Environmental Associates

"We are an opinionated and sometimes difficult group to facilitate and you were patient and thoughtful, and crafted our time to reflect what we asked for both before and during the session…I believe we retained the attention and deep work of the whole group for the afternoon which is pretty much a miracle!”

Managing Director, Slalom 

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